Lash Extensions & Tinting

Fill 20 per Eye-60 min.      $55
Fill 30 per Eye-60 min.   $75
Fill 40 per Eye-75 min.   $100
Fill 50 per Eye-75 min.   $125
Full 60 per Eye-2 hrs.      $250
Full 70 per Eye-2 hrs.   $300
Full 80 per Eye-2 hrs. 15 min.   $350
Full 90 per Eye-2.5 hrs.   $400

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What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash Extensions are a popular new service and product that lengthens and
thickens your own natural eyelashes. Lash Extensions are single strands of
synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are
applied to each individual natural eyelash-one at a time-for a natural, flawless,
beautiful look. Because of this meticulous application, your lashes will look and
feel completely real. Everyone will just think that you were born with beautiful,
fabulous lashes. Eyelash Extensions are weightless, resistant to water, showering
perspiration, exercise, tears, sleeping, and even swimming. They are perfect for
special occasions as well as for everyday wear.
How long do they last?
Eyelash Extensions are SEMI-PERMANENT. They will last up to 2 months, but you
WILL need fills in between that time to replace any eyelashes that might have shed.
When applied properly, Eyelash Extensions will last the length of the natural
growth cycle of your eyelashes, shedding with your natural eyelashes. Your natural
eyelashes shed every 45 - 60 days and are naturally replaced with the growth of a
new eyelash. Everyone's experience will differ based on proper care and the rate
of your eyelash growth cycle but overall touchups/fills should only be required
every 2 to 3 weeks. Other factors such as exposure to steam or constant touching
of your eyes (your hands have natural oils) may cause the extensions to fall sooner.
A simple rule of thumb: Proper care of your lash extensions will extend their
longevity and beauty.
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