Body Treatments

Peppermint Sea Twist
Body shaping and firming. Targeted Care. This treatment combines
peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate,
rejuvenate and purify your skin. Improves circulation, making it an
ideal treatment for sore, aching muscles or water retention. Helps
contour and firm the body making it great for cellulite. Emerge with
a cool, feeling.
     $60 - 30 min.

$100 - 1 hr.
Seaweed Body Treatment
A hydrating and nourishing body treatment in the traditions of
European thalassotherapy. Detoxifying and slimming for the body
while melting away stress
  $75 - 1 hr.
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
Your hands often give away your true age. This anti-aging hand
‘facial’ exfoliates and deeply hydrates your hands and helping
reduce age spots. Treat your hands to keep them looking as young
as you feel. Treatment is combined with the best massage for total
enjoyment and maximum benefit..
  $50 - 45 min.