2 Keys to Growing Out Your Hair

If you want long healthy hair, follow these steps:

1.  Don’t neglect your shape. Not only will hair grow a bit faster when shaped up, you will want to keep damaged split ends trimmed off so that you have a flattering hairstyle during your grow out. Trim off the dead ends every 6 -8 weeks.

2.  Use a proper shampoo and conditioner such as Zenagen Evolve.  The Zenagen Evolve line repairs damaged hair while stimulating faster growth.

Evolve, a two-step therapy process focuses on accelerating hair growth up to 40 percent, and repairing brittle, damaged hair caused from heat. The system uses the pharmaceutical-¬grade nutraceutical compounds to invigorate and repair the hair and scalp.  Evolve is made from ingredients including Ginger Root, Vitis Vinifers, and Oleic Acid Rich Emu Oil. Evolve consists of a treatment and hydrating conditioner which you only need to use three to four times a week.
Available at Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa