Salons vs. Suite Rentals

There is a big trend and hot topic in the beauty industry: Booth rentals in 'salon suites'.
Some people have asked me why a stylist to would move into a booth rental situation.

There are some compelling reasons:

  • The stylist gets to set their own hours and come and go as they please; they are their own boss.
  • If they are successful and busy and are able to stay that way by getting new clients, they have the potential to make more money.
  • They get to use any products they like.
  • After their expenses the remaining income is theirs.
  • If they are self-motivated, business minded, responsible, detail oriented and energetic, they will do well.
  • The stylist gets to work alone and gets to make all decisions and do everything from start to finish. For some stylists, this is great.
  • They can do all planning, paperwork and networking as they see fit.
  • When they have an idea, they can just do it. If it doesn't work, they can do something else without anyone's approval needed.
  • They can develop their skills at their own pace since education is their responsibility and their choice.

Here are some of the advantages of traditional salons:

  • Salons provide education and individual development. Better salons provide ongoing education in the latest techniques and product innovations.
  • The ongoing development of tomorrow's talent is a high priority in better salons.
  • Mentoring is a high priority in the best salons.
  • The team is available to help solve color, cut and styling issues, and provide problem solving, feedback and creativity.
  • There are extra hands available to help when color or chemicals need to come down or the clients need to be worked in.
  • Stylists and clients often enjoy the camaraderie of a full service salon.
  • Salons offer full product lines, supplies, advertising, accounting, liability insurance and pay the employer half of SSI.
  • Salons provide one stop shopping for numerous beauty services.
  • Beauty industry professionals, representatives and educators are  available to salons that are not available to booth renters.
  • Complete product lines are in stock in better salons. If you want a specific red, for example, you will be able to get it at that visit in a salon. Many booth renters cannot afford complete product lines and you may have to wait for your services due to this.
  • Your color formulas are keep in the salon and there are stylists that you are familiar with on hand to assist you when your stylist is sick, out of town, having family emergencies, etc...
  • Better salons provide ongoing education in the latest techniques and product innovations.
  • Salons provide a social experience for the client and the stylists. Many clients become good friends with each other while receiving services.
  • Many stylists enjoy that they are done with work after their last client of the day.

We hope this explains a little about the advantages and differences between Traditional Salons and Salon Suite Rentals. 

*Note: Georgia Board of Cosmetology is reviewing the legality of salon suites.  State inspectors are unable to visit and inspect salon suite booths for sanitation and safety due to lack of access.

--By Steve Hightower
Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa