I want to try a massage, but I am modest.


Licensed massage therapists hear this often.


There are Clothed Massage Options for you too!

There are several options for clothed massage.

  1. Table Top Thai Massage is a great massage that includes stretching, compression and some deep tissue work. For this massage, the client and therapist wear gym clothes or loose fitting clothing.  People rave about this massage.
  2. Chair massage is done fully clothed and can address many upper back and shoulder issues. Also, your arms and hands can be worked quite will on a chair.
  3. Foot massage and reflexology only requires you to remove shoes and socks and roll up pant legs. Foot massage is a great way to relax while your hair color processes. People describe it a heavenly.
  4. Energy healing work is also done fully clothed. This is perfect for those who cannot receive massage because of a medical condition. Energy healing work is based on a combination of Chinese and Ayuredic medicine.  It works in a manner similar to acupuncture, but without needles. It involves light touch on acupressure points, gentle manipulation of the joints, and chakra balancing.  Energy healing work includes Reiki and Polarity Therapy. Both of these modalities are very effective in helping you achieve mental and emotional balance.
  1. Psychologists refer clients to energy healers to help them deal with bi-polar disorder, depression and trauma.

*Please note that when you do disrobe for massage, licensed massage therapists keeps you draped with a sheet in all areas except for the area being worked at that moment.  Professional therapeutic massage does not include any breast or genital contact. There are well-defined boundaries in massage that protect both the client and the therapist. Anyone who makes advances during massage forfeits the session and the session ends immediately.