How to Fix a Color Mishap


Color Correction for hair color gone wrong.

“It looks so easy, I tried to do it myself. Now what?"

Professional hair stylists and color experts can tell you horror stories about hair color gone wrong.  The results can be from disappointing to totally awful. Some people even have allergic reactions to harsh color.

Most in-home box color contains metallic fillers that saturate the hair and can make color correction difficult. Plus the pH most in-home box color is very damaging to the hair, especially fine hair.  And items such as henna make if extremely difficult to change the color of your hair because the shaft is coated with pigment that is hard to remove.

Better salons are now using ammonia free hair color. Our salon uses INOA color by L’Oreal that respects the integrity of your hair, repairs damage, and because it does not contain toxic chemicals, it is great for people with sensitive scalps and skin as well as fine and thinning hair.


Before a professional colorist can correct your color issues, he or she will need to know as much as they can about your hair.

  • You’re past chemical hair service history, whether done by a professional colorist or done in the kitchen with friends.  There is no judgment, but to help you they need to know what has been used on your hair.
  • Your home hair care routine, such as how often you shampoo, condition and which products you use. High alcohol products are damaging to hair, especially color treated hair.
  • What styling tools you use and styling products. High temperature tools can be very damaging.


Not all color corrections require drastic measures, however, you need to be aware that the exact target color may not be achieved with one visit and will require return visits. Hair fortification treatments may need to be performed for a few weeks before any color can be applied in severe cases. This is necessary because your hair is fiber and needs to be respected. You can lighten and highlight hair only so much before it begins to destroy it and it begins to break.


To avoid results like the photo above, select a highly qualified colorist. Also, you will get the most amazing results when you stick with the same colorist during the entire process. If you go from salon to salon or have the first step done then try to finish it yourself, the previous processed may not be fully understood and could result in a “chemical haircut”.


Your hair will require a follow up home care and treatment system. Yes, it will make a huge difference. You have invested your time and money to have your hair professionally colored.   Remember, your hair is the fashion accessory you wear 24/7. You want it to look amazing! You owe it to yourself to care for it the best possible way.

- This blog post was written with the help of Milissa Larsen. Milissa has been a Color Educator for L’Oreal Professionnel for over 16 years. She has a deep knowledge of hair, hair color, and how to make your hair look beautiful and healthy while giving you the color you desire.