I'm a professional - don't try this at home.

So many times I have heard, "It looked so easy to do myself," when the results were less than desirable. This calls for a haircolor adjustment (correction).

I will at this point, place the hair in the special needs category, and before I proceed I will need to assess the intensity of adjustment required.  That will be determined by:

Your present haircolor: 

ALL your past chemical hair services (it does not matter if it was done professionally or in your girlfriend's kitchen after a couple glasses of wine) No judgment!

Your home haircare routine: 

What style tools you use, and hair sensitivity.  This will all help me to determine what technique and products are needed to achieve the best results while maintaining hair on your head.


Not all color adjustments require drastic measures, however you need to be aware that the exact target color may not be achieved with one visit and may require return visits.  Hair fortification treatments may need to be performed for a few weeks before any color can be applied. This is necessary because your hair is fiber and needs to be respected. You lighten, darken, highlight, deepen only so much before it breaks down into nothing.


You will get the most amazing results when you stick with the same colorist during the entire process. If you go from salon to salon or have the first step done then try to finish it yourself, the previous processes may not be fully understood and could result in a chemical haircut.


Your hair will require a follow-up home care and treatment system. Yes, it will make a huge difference. You have invested your time and money into having your hair – the fashion accessory you wear 24/7 – look amazing, so you owe it to yourself to care for it the best possible way.